Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Google Classroom: Scheduling Posts

Has anyone else been waiting since Google Classroom's inception for this update?! Users asked and the Google team listened. Google Classroom users no longer have to save assignments, announcements, and questions as drafts - It is now possible to schedule a specific date and time to release them into your Stream!


This new Google Classroom feature makes it incredibly easy to stay organized and plan ahead in your lessons. Previously, teachers were required to manually go into Classroom and ‘release’ work to each class at the exact time that they wanted students to access them. The new scheduled post feature eliminates the need for that! Teachers can choose a date from a drop down menu and then type in a specific time for release on any assignment, announcement, or question.

What are the drawbacks?
  • The new schedule posts feature does not yet have the ability to post to/release to multiple classes at the same time, rather users will need to reuse post to do this.
  • There is not currently a drop down feature for scheduling specific times for release.
  • Scheduling posts is currently only available on the web platform and is not yet available in the Google Classroom phone app.

For me, the benefits of this new feature definitely outweigh the drawbacks for teachers like myself that are sometimes forgetful but like to plan ahead. It also provides that peace of mind in knowing that assignments have been queued up and are ready to go exactly when I'll be needing them. Any additional functionality or tool that allows me to save valuable time and clicks is definitely a real win in my book! What do you think of the new feature? What is still missing or needs to be changed?